Tuesday, September 5

feeling the stress

after a long break, i finally started studying today. but not very productive. partly cos i cldn und i think.

anw, logged onto msn this evening and then i saw super alot of turtles! and i thot my com kena virus and i was super scared lah. then i realised cos the croc hunter steve irwin passed away. damn scary! but what has turtles gotta do with croc? both are green? shrugs. and then today when i was studying with my sis, she told me the croc person died and i thot it was someone in the study room wearing the footwear crocs gonna die (as in figuratively) then i asked why, thinking that the person violated some rules or smth. and i started looking around the room for people wearing crocs. -.-

then i was skipping from one radio station to another then i stumbled upon class95fm when i heard an interesting conversation. it was the DJ trying to act like he has a sore throat or smth then he was calling someone on air. then i thot it was one of those u hear at 98.7, the mutton and wake up thing. so i listened. then it was about some good service thing then this person was searching for people with good service. so he called this person from the chinese medical hall thing. then the salesperson was very courteous. and stuff. but i think cos the person wasnt exactly fluent in english, the conversation sounded super funny. the dj made fun of her. hah she was recommending him herbal jelly. cos he rejected the earlier offers. but the sales person kept pronouncing it as herbal jeRRy. hahah then she even spelt it out correctly but pronounced l as r. then at the end of the whole thing when the truth was revealed, the person said it was her preasure (pleasure). lol. as in i don mean to mock that person but it was really funny cos the dj was really good at imitating a bad throat and all. so the entire thing was funny. lol. reminds me of the ten ten person. lol

my show starts! bye ~

Sunday, September 3

lag time

for some unknown reason, i havent been studying ever since the last paper which is like super scary cos my prelims aint over yet. grr. teachers' day? maybe. lol anw, it was really fun today. didn really study. made some cards, slacked around and watched tv. but then, i went to the park to play with my siblings. the original plan was to play badminton. but knowing my bro, i wore sandals cos i had a feeling we'll end up playing soccer.

so im right! hah in the end, the neighbours came along and we had 3 on 3? it was 3 on 2 initially. lol. and i was petr cech for a day! hahah cos they were imagining themselves as chelsea and man u. lol super funny. i was keeper of course cos i know nuts about dribbling except to kick people's legs. lol.

after which, we started playing hand ball! lol. so weird. cos they said smth like not fair for my sis n i. hah esp since my sis is a bballer. so we led in the game of handball. but due to poor stamina, we finally gave in with 10-9 which is the neighbour's unit no! lol. handball was much faster and fun i guess. lol. more control in my opinion. but my back super aching now. cos erm im not supposed to play ball games. lol. but it was worth it!

ahh! i gotta start studying somebody help me PLS!!

joke of the day: my sis fell off the swing. hahah on her own. no foul play! lol.

Wednesday, August 30


just realised how long i havent been updating. my last update was 13june? lol. anw, i really had to blog cos today was super funny and sexual! hah

we went macs after chem paper (which turned out to be kinda alright?). then we were talking about random stuff then caleb said hey peiyu, i read your LJ! hah ok he meant life journal but during that time it sounded like he implied lanj*** lol! cos sebas kept saying long and hard and stuff. ok lah. we were actually maligning him but it was super funny. then he said some other stuff which went even more wrong. he said smth like piu's LJ very long. hahah that caleb!

then we kept harping on it. then the limelight became rong's when we started maligning her about hotdogs. and rong prefers german sausages to hotdogs cos they are bigger and whiter. omg! gasp. lol the entire conversation was super dirty. then peiyu keeps saying maclign. hah like mac wings kinda thing. lol. but we had fun talking and laughing away esp now that the exams are up and coming, everyone's kinda stressed i guess. piu studied from 12midnight to 6 in the morning! some kind of record man! hah

then some funny things happened before that like rong said QH rather audibly when we walked past her. hah. but it was unintentional but caleb kept niao-ing her. hahah but caleb has been very pms recently lah. hahah it all started when he cabbed to sch. lol. but that was really funny. given that caleb stayed so super near sch, his cab fare was $7.50! no kidding! hahah and ever since then, he's been super moodswingy. hah plus some other stuff. hahah.

and that day in school, we had this kinda disgusting conversation too. abt sebas having not circumsize (sorry not bio student donno how to spell and rong refuses to tell me) while kevin has already done it. hah then it went on to the effects of not going for it. then sebas said thats what lub's for as in lubricant. hah then he said he's gonna check it out once his 18. then rong said im alr 18. implying or rather blatantly showing off to us that she can and she's GONNA GET IT! hahah naughty rong. hahah no wonder she keeps tagging people's blog as lub lub. now we all noe why. lol. tsk tsk.

and yay! we're going sentosa tmr! woohoo! hah to blade and play water? hahah so exciting. but i hope i wont get into trouble. hah speaking of playing water, caleb said he was interested in the swim test. hah the swim test is reqd is one wishes to use the sas pool. haha then we were saying we'll see caleb with his one breast. hahah then he said he'll wear diving suit. hah then he said he's gonna SWIM ONE BREAST! ahah actually he meant breadth but he said RONGly. hahahah caleb was super funny. and we saw ahem gab in macs! ahahah then caleb kept pretending to look for his wallet. take out then put back in then keep saying eh where's my wallet ah? hahaha. omg i just msg caleb on msn then he said one breast more streamline, less drag! hahah

yay jean emailed! hahah yay! take care jean! MUACKS!

Wednesday, June 14


YAY! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! hah ok not champions YET. but i doubt they will though. hah hmm it was a great game ytd! ahnjunghwan(PRO), leechunsoo(his haircolour don match lol), parkjisung(super determined), kimnamil(i think he's the one caleb's talking abt), chojaejin (SUPER HANDSOME! HAH), leeyoungpyo( pro also), choijinchul(veteran!) etc! basically, woo! hah but i think adebayor from togo also quite good. but yay! hahah man of match was ahn jung hwan. i thought it would be parkjisung or adebayor though. not that ahn is not good but i thought parkjisung's spirit was like woah! he never gave up though he missed so many times. but it was gentlemen's play. no rough acts. and referee was fair too! yay. but togo got red card :( they are nice people. hah

YAY! FAWN GOT SUPER GOOD RESULTS! 92 and 95 for bio and chem leh! Q-I-A-N-G! hah (wink to rong) super qiang. smth i can never achieve. lol. good work fawn! (:

YAY! fawn's coming back! SUPER YAY! YAYYERS or YAYNESS in fawn's terms. hah but i donno if my parents will allow me to go pick her tho. :( cos they going malaysia then as the eldest, i gotta stay home to look after the young ones. sigh. but i really hope i can. :( hah then super funny. cos i msg aunt june, fawn's mum to ask her what time fawn will reach sg then she told fawn i msg. tsk. lol. kidding. aunt june's super nice. she offered to send us to the airport. yay! not that i can tho. :(

Tuesday, June 13

world cup

after 4 years, its here again. heng this time its not too late means like there's match at 9. (: been following the matches but not all tho. lol. watch selected ones like the opening match ger vs crc, eng vs par and ytd, japan vs australia. JAPAN LOST! i guess partly because the referee was obviously biased. like he will give aus free kick so close to the goal post but when aus fouls japan, its only a corner. wat a TOOT! growls. but partly also because japan lack mo qi. donno whats the english word for that. but sigh. what a pity! didn really see nakata play alot ytd. not like the last world cup. :( but oh well. hope they get to the next round.

talking abt referee, i guess the only fair referee is that for the opening match. even the eng vs paraguay one was biased. super obvious lah. then i started thinking how these stuff's so subjective. yup.

ok! hah ytd, went to sch early in the morn at 8 lah! cos we had to do present for jaixing, v.pres of SSC. then was mtg with the new exco at 9 till 11 plus? then went toapayoh for lunch. then there was this J1 who wasnt eating then we were like weird lah. hah then we asked to find that cos he lao sai then cannot eat. he lao whatever he eats. lol. then we went back to sch for 2nd half of mtg with the rest of the J1s. then came the surprise. brought in the cake and present and surprised lynn and jiaxing, while introducing the new exco.

but ytd was super funny. like we were laughing the whole time. lol. if only time could stop. oh well. (:

recommendation of the day:
Good people by Jack Johnson
quite a nice song by this australian singer (i think) sigh tho japan lost to aus. :( but this is a nice song. pay attention to the lyrics. nice. (: originally recommended by mr jason yeung again! (: the music also quite cute. heh.

Saturday, June 10

today is gratefulness and gayism day!

according to a fish named pyu, today is gratefulness day! hah its 10th june. the fish clan invented it. lol. then she msg me and started typing weird stuff. then she was reminiscing. hah which reminds me that yes, i should be and am grateful for the wonderful pple ard me.

my family for like feeding me, giving me the best they can and supporting me. though i may disagree with their concepts and stuff, i don deny that they are really good as compared to many. yay!

then, there are the teachers who really inspired me to be a teacher myself. hah like i rmb in pri sch, there was this mrs chia. omg can never forget her lah. feel super indebted to her. then mr eli chong also. in sec sch, ms julia lim has been the best to my class. the best form teacher any class can ever have. other classes are jealous k.haha but of course there are other teachers esp those in sec sch who really gave me tremendous help. thanks! (:

of course, there is the group of pple called friends. over 18 years, or the 12 years of education, i think i grown quite alot. and experiences of making friends and the types of friends increased! hah like last time in pri sch, ur frens are those who agree with u and dislike the same pple as u do. lower pri at least. i came across different kinds of pple. some are boy crazy, some idol crazy and some are just loyal pple! hah

in no order whatsoever,
to peiyu: i was surprised u still rmb the calculator thing! lol. and don think that u've not been a good enough friend or smth. sometimes, i feel myself am. like cos im quite inflexible and conservative so like lao gu ban. but hey, thanks for always being there for me. like always the first to read my entries. always checking to see if im alright and if im not, u'll always call to ensure im fine. ur regular msgs to confirm my existence and how im coping. hah and i seldom initiate msgs lah. oops. hah but thanks man. like always qian jiu wo. and all the jokes to cheer me up and brighten my day like ur obsession over ur boo ahems and some ahem ke erm. lol. but i know u always put urself down and laugh at urself just to put a smile on our faces. and i really cannot imagine school without u lah. ah and im glad i met u! hah so cliche but ya. to think i thought u were some ___ hahah. THANKS!

to rong: cheery odac spy. hah always help me borrow stuff frm odac and then always get u into trouble. all the help me this and help me that. hah and all the times im unreasonable and stuff, im sorry. i still rmb the phy thing. i still feel quite bad. like how stupid and childish lah. but u'll always forgive me even without me apologising or smth then treat it as tho nth happened. but im sorry. then all the times me and my stupid "principles" i donno lah. hah but yay thanks man for always going that extra mile for me, literally also. hah. lucky got u jean and piu lah. u all always give in to me. :/ thanks chengteng-lover. hah one day go drink chengteng tog at NJ k? :P

to jean: reliable source of info. like eveytime i need to ask smth abt class or smth, i would think of u! hah and u know, u're my idol! i really admire ur never say die spirit and how you'll manage ur time and finish tutorials as much as u can despite heavy responsibilities in council, no matter how tired u are. and everytime we have to do research or debate, u'll alwys do alot. really cant bear to let u go. like after u leave, then one less person to fall back on, one less person to laugh with and one less person to motivate me. oh jean. but thanks loads for memorable one yr plus! (:

to the guys, kev, leb, sebas: hah actually i have been looking up to u all when it comes to studies. cos u all are like qiang! like sebas! can jus read and do well? and like super admire u all cos like 4A lvl subs, S papers and CCA to cope but studies not compromised. and like thanks caleb for like always waiting for me last yr, when we go home and sch tog. hah super funy. adidas. and kevin will try and teach me phy and math? thanks chi bro. then sebas will always go buy burger with pyu n i cos the rest has chinese. hah and also like spurring me on to mug like all of u lah. then like for caleb, even when u mug best at home when u're alone, u'll still come mug with us at noisy macs and all.

jason! i'll forever rmb u as my fellow ghost-buster! lol. like super funny. and like how i feel :( abt the rong phy thing, there's still smth tugging whenever i rmb the egg porridge thing. like tho i know u really didn like it, u still ate it and pretended nth happened and like it was the most delicious or smth. and i wasnt like the best of host when u came back lah. but this yr, its gonna be differnt! yay all of us will be reunited and we'll have fun tog! without worries! yay (: and thanks man for all the pep talk and stuff.

last but of course not the least, fawn! like even when u're so far away, u'll still rmb there's someone called ren over here. my pillar of support! thanks man. and each time i talk to u over the phone, it'll be me blabbering and u have to listen and bear with it. thanks. and those times when u'll come from bukit timah just to mug with me so that i wont slack. the macs, n&b tuna times. hah thanks man. then i kp missing ur calls oops. hah then sometimes i feel very bad for making u worry abt my health and me. ): well-appreciated yea! thanks fawn super alot for all the little things u did for me. thanks.

all in all, thanks to all the wonderful people around me. hard to name all and don think anyone except peiyu rong and fawn reads. hahah but yea. and like all are just as good then quite hard to think of other things to write cos all of u have been so good to me and always giving in to me and stuff! thanks people!

ok. enough of mushy stuff. hah today is gayism day too! cos super coincidentally, both pyu and rong msg-ed me abt gay pple. like peiyu was saying her sis was talking to one of her business people or smth and that man is gay. then she was super funny. she say like that person kp saying my other half. hahah super funny. then rong said she saw one group of banglas in the lorry touching one another. like eew. then remind me of the time when we were on the train and we saw smth similar to this. lol. also reminds me of woonsoon natt they all but they are not gays lah. they super straight. hor rong? hahah

recommendation of the day:
This is a clip from a Japanese TV show where the players are not allowed to laugh at the person who is trying to learn english. If they laugh then they get punished with a beating.
this one clip was introduced to me by JASON! yay! hah laughed like mad. but overdose not funny. hah but im still laughing right fawn? hah shuai ge~ ooh

Friday, June 9

exco study session! (:

yay! super happy! hah our first official study session. actually ytd also have or rather supposed to have but in the end kena pangseh-ed. hah so today, lynn, caron, jiaxing, huiling and i went to lynn's house to study on that big table in her bsement. her house is super big and super cool! there's a swimming pool, where we once launched a submarine in and i meant it, 3 levels NOT including basement and alot of cool things! (: oH! she has 7 coms! and not those po po lan lan. its like those with flat screen kind. coolness. (: we didn really study in the end tho we tried. hah but we had fun!

and its really cool cos like all of us having fun together? like we are closer as compared to when we first set out tog as an exco. the LTC for J1s really pulled us tog. tho its a lil late but better late than never! and super funny. we (yingma, lynn n I) booked the rest of the exco for movie outing 3jul! like hahahah super far away. then lynn had this crazy idea of booking them for boxing day! LOL!

couldn really conc while studying today. was studying electric field. hmm tried the qns. got super stuck so super irritated plus some stuff have been bothering me. hmm not exactly bothering but its like smth that i thought i got over but it still comes back. and it has been quite some time since it came back so i thought i really had totally gotten over it. but obviously not. like i was feeling super _______ the entire time i almost ______. like wth. its irritating. then there's this thing that also came back. i thought it was only that stage but it caught me agn recently. i thought it was only that time that i was prolly too sensitive or smth. and after that period, no more. but came back agn. wth also. like grr. and a lil more serious this time.

oh well.

ohh! actually wanted to blog this when we were at lynn's house but blogspot was under maintenance so cldn. so i went to read fawn's blog. maybe im really too sensitive or too emo. like when i read smth or watch some sad show i can feel my emotions rising insde. i dno but ya. and it aint very gd also. ok so i was reading her blog, at some parts, i will feel (: at some, ): at others /: like the magician is one good case like WTH! can u (not fawn of course) jus be more sensible or smth. wehwehzoc. and sometimes, i really feel like flying over immediately and maybe help around? i dno. but i never fail to draw lessons from her entries. like they are really thought provoking and stuff. smth i can never achieve. hah mine is like some boring mundane acct of my life, which is jus as boring. hah erm ya and her command of english is like WOAH! beware! hahahah

and fawn, im sorry i cldn really talk the last time cos i was walking and crossing streets so ya. haha but it was fun! lol

hmm things are not exactly going the way i thought it would. but mostly my fault lah. i initially wanted to really keep to myself this entire hol and mug really hard but it hasn been working that way. hah all those playing around, going out and stuff. i noe its wrong but grr! someone stop me pls! hah and my ipod jus has to spoil at this crucial time. then no music to fall back on means no concentration means no work done. hahah not force multiply by displacement tho. lol. but yay! my new phone can play mp3 and jiaxing and yingma sent me songs thru bluetooth so yay! songs. heh then can listen to that. but i think i need to buy a bigger SD. not enough memory.

speaking of which, the GSS! everyone's talking abt it but not me. sigh. no money, no GSS. not even enough to live by but lucky my mum keeps asking me if i have enough and even when i say yes, she'll still give me ten. so im living by it. cos im not that kind who will ask for it. i don like. plus im not a saving person so nothing to fall back on. sigh. really waiting for my allowance then i can quickly buy stuff. and its stuff i really need. like a bag. my bag is giving way. holes are appearing! plus a lot of other stuff and to return money to pple i borrowed from.

oh! my show start le. BYE! (: